Best Laptop Stand: Our Top 7 Brands

Laptop with stand and big screen monitor

For the modern working man, the laptop is a godsend.

Everyone appreciates the freedom offered by laptops. It’s easy to be productive when you can take your laptop wherever you go, whether it’s your desk, the coffee shop, or the conference room.

However, we have to face the fact that laptops don’t exactly the best kind of ergonomics. This is mainly because you can’t adjust the height of the keyboard and screen separately. Because of this, using a laptop means you have to hunch over to get things done.

A good way to enhance ergonomics when using a laptop is to use a laptop stand.

For this post, we have made the best laptop stand list that will hopefully help you get the right stand for your needs.

Laptop with a laptop stand on a desk

Comparison Table

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Why You Need the Best?

A laptop stand is an accessory that works like a portable desk on which you can place the laptop in a more ergonomic fashion and without compromising your posture. Here are some of the reasons why a laptop stand is a good investment.

  • Better ergonomics – Experts recommend that the screen of the computer should be at eye level. Plus, your shoulders should not slump while using the laptop. However, this is not easily achieved with a laptop since you can’t adjust the keyboard and screen independently. A laptop stand is designed to have the laptop screen at eye level.
  • Increased productivity – If you’re hunching over while working on your laptop, there’s a good chance that you will get tired quickly. This is because poor ergonomics means poor posture and being prone to eye strain. If you use a laptop stand, your posture improves significantly and it reduces the chances of eye strain. Being less tired can only translate to increased productivity.
  • Cooler laptop – Placing your laptop on a desk for extended hours can cause the machine to get too hot. If your laptop gets too hot, it will suffer in performance and can affect its longevity. Fortunately, there is no shortage of laptop stands that come with an integrated cooling pad.
  • New ways to work – A laptop stand might just be your gateway to standing while working. A good quality laptop stand will allow you to work while in the standing position. This way, you can mix things up which is better for your overall health and posture.
  • Easy to setup – Most people don’t bother with laptop stands because they think that it’s just additional work to install. Well, this is not the case at all. Most laptop stands are very easy to set up. Most of the time, all you need to do is set your machine over it and you’re good to go. These stands are also very portable and can be easily stored.

The Best Laptop Stands

Below are some of the stands that you can use while working on your laptop.

1. Rain Design

[amazon box=”B008JIGL08″]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height: 6 inches
  • Adjustable: Rotating-base
  • Item Dimensions: 10 x 9.3 x 6.25 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Notable Features: Raises screen to eye level, Swivel base, Aluminum panel, Cable organizer, Tilt design
  • Price: $

The Rain Design mStand360 is a masterclass in laptop ergonomics.

For starters, it’s a very stylish stand that will look great on your workspace. The stand is designed to hold your laptop at an ideal angle for good ergonomics. It also has a 360-degree swivel feature, a fun bonus that many stands do not have.

The stand is made from aluminum so you can trust that it’s stable and durable. The aluminum also helps in keeping your machine cool as it dissipates the heat. The stand also offers a cable management option so you can keep your desk clutter-free. The feet have soft rubber pads to ensure that the stand and laptop won’t slip while you work.

The mStand360 is mainly designed for MacBooks but it should have no problem working with any brand of laptop. The only main drawback of this model is the lack of height adjustment.

2. Roost 

[amazon box=”B01C9KG8IG”]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height: 6 to 12 inches
  • Adjustable: Height
  • Item Dimensions: 1.2 x 13 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Notable Features: Compact and lighter design, Universal fit, Adjustable height, Rubber insets
  • Price: $$

The Roost Laptop Stand is a very lightweight stand. It’s so light that you might think twice about entrusting your laptop to this stand.

The whole thing weighs less than half a pound which made me question its ability to hold up a laptop. My fear went away quickly because this is a sturdy and strong laptop stand that gets the job done. One Amazon reviewer even stated that it was able to hold up a 17-inch laptop.

Unlike the previous stand, the Roost stand’s height can be adjusted from 6 to 12 inches. This allows you to position the screen right where you need it. There are rubber grips at the feet to make sure that the stand stays in place during operation.

If you are not using it, you can it fold it down to a small size and carry it anywhere. The stand should work with most, if not all laptop brands.

3. AmazonBasics

[amazon box=”B00WRDS8H0″]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height: Adjustable from 12 to 35 degrees
  • Adjustable: Height
  • Item Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 7.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Notable Features: Metal-mesh platform, Ventilated, Adjustable height for increased airflow, Cord organizer with 6 slots
  • Price: $

If you don’t want to spend too much on a laptop stand, the AmazonBasics is an easy recommendation.

Only weighing 2.4 pounds, the stand can be adjusted for heights between 12 to 35 degrees. This doesn’t just allow you to adjust the height but it can improve airflow as well. The stand is mainly just metal mesh panels but it works great both as a laptop stand and a cooling tool. The platform itself is also designed to absorb and distribute heat.

The stand also offers cable management with six slots on the back of the stand. This is where you can neatly organize the cables and out of the way. For a budget laptop stand, this is definitely a nice addition.

This is a fairly straightforward stand with some essential features. With the $20 price tag, this one is hard to beat.

4. Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desk Converter

[amazon box=”B00QL6IGWQ”]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height:
  • Adjustable: Height
  • Item Dimensions: 38.5 x 28 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 
  • Notable Features: No assembly required, 20 height settings, Spring-assisted Constant Force technology, Designed by ergonomic experts
  • Price: $$$

The Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desk Converter is quite the odd one out for this list. Instead of being just a simple laptop stand, it’s a full sit-stand desk converter.

The WorkFit-T pretty much ends the debate whether it’s better to stand or sit while working. Why not both? This is an adjustable workstation and an adjustable keyboard as well. There are 20 height settings which makes it easy to get the height that feels the most comfortable.

With this desk converter, you can choose to stand or sit anytime you feel like it. The whole thing is a breeze to adjust which means that switching between heights is as seamless as it gets. Stability is never an issue here because you can freely lean on it and the height will not drop unexpectedly.

One nice thing about this package is that it comes fully assembled. So you can just unpack it start working on it right away.

5. Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand

[amazon box=”B005XUEAI0″]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height:
  • Adjustable: Height
  • Item Dimensions: 11 x 2 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Notable Features: Six different height adjustments, Made from aluminum, Folds up easily and weighs only one pound
  • Price: $$

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop and Tablet Stand is the perfect solution for those who are always traveling.

The compact, lightweight design really lends itself well for true portability. It weighs only a pound and can be folded down and easily stowed in your carry-on bag or suitcase. It has six levels of height adjustments which is a good option to have especially when you don’t know where you’ll be working.

The stand is made from aluminum which adds durability to the whole thing. Although it’s a fairly small stand, it should have no problem holding up 17-inch laptops.

This stand doesn’t have much in terms of features but it works as advertised. However, you might want to get a keyboard and mouse peripheral in order to achieve the best working conditions.

Get this one if you’re always on the go.

6. Belkin Aluminum Stand & Loft for Laptops

[amazon box=”B00Y0M32TK”]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height:
  • Adjustable: No
  • Item Dimensions: 1 x 0.9 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Notable Features: Rubber grip surfaces, Open design improves airflow, Cable management ring
  • Price: $$

The Belkin Aluminum Stand & Loft for Laptops is very simple in design. However, don’t be fooled.

At its core, this stand is designed to hold your laptop so the screen is at the eye level. However, it does more than just hold the laptop. Aside from keeping the screen at eye level, it also helps in keeping your machine cool, thanks to the open design.

The stand doesn’t offer much in terms of features, it doesn’t even have height adjustments. It’s just a high-quality horizontal stand that works well. There’s a hole in the back where you can organize the cables so you can keep things clutter-free.

The surface of the stand features some pretty good rubber coating. I’ve tested several laptops and it managed to hold them all in place. The stand feels durable and it was very stable through and through.

This is not the most feature-packed or most portable stand out there. However, it’s a very solid stand that boasts superior quality.

7. Steklo X-Stand

[amazon box=”B00VIZ60QY”]

Our Rating

  • Elevated Height:
  • Adjustable: Height
  • Item Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Notable Features: Premium Quality Aluminum Stand, Designed to Prevent Overheating and Improve Air Flow, Sand-blasted and metallic silver anodized finish
  • Price: $

The Steklo X-Stand is yet another inexpensive option for the budget conscious.

The main function of the stand is to lift the laptop a couple of inches above the desk. Of course, this makes sure that the screen is at eye level. Plus, the elevated height keeps the laptop cool due to better air circulation.

This stand may not look like much but it’s made from aluminum and it’s surprisingly durable. While holding the laptop, it just feels stable and secure. The stand is fairly portable which makes it a good option for travelers and students. It folds to a very small size and it only weighs about 5 ounces.

The stand can accommodate 12 to 17-inch laptops. However, there are some issues with the quality of the materials as they might not hold up over time. The height adjustment is not that extensive as well, so it might be tricky to find the right viewing angle.

Laptop on a stand on top of a desk

Found Your Stand Yet?

This ends our buyer’s guide for the best laptop stand.

If you are growing more uncomfortable when using a laptop, we highly recommend that you get a laptop stand. This simple accessory might not look much but it can significantly improve your experience while working. Just make sure that you get the right stand that fits your needs.

With this guide, we tried to cover products that cover many different budget ranges. We sure hope that you find this article useful.

Have you tried using a laptop stand before? Do you have a favorite product that you can recommend? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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