Best Aftershave in 2018

best aftershave

Best Aftershave in 2018

Aftershave is an important part of shaving. It soothes the skin once you’re done, reducing bumps and irritation, and leaves behind a fresh, attractive scent.

However, it is important to understand that all aftershave is not created equally. There are actually tons of different types and brands of aftershave on the market today, and it’s important to choose the best aftershave to match your needs and preferences.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the inside scoop on the top aftershaves currently on the market today. We’ll share with you our picks for the best aftershave options, all so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Before we jump in and start telling you what we think are the best aftershave choices, it’s important for you to understand how we chose our ratings.

We didn’t just pull them out of thin air, the way some sites seem to do. We also don’t have ulterior motives, like selling you a particular product, in mind.

Instead, we simply want to help you spend your money wisely on products you’ll actually like and use. Thus, we do tons of extensive research. We looked at all kinds of different aftershave, compared pricing and brands, looked at customer reviews, and compiled all that data to arrive at our top aftershave choices.

With that in mind, we invite you to browse through our picks for the top aftershave choices. Hopefully, you’ll find one you can’t wait to try on!

Best Aftershave #10: Guise Etiquette Aftershave Balm

Aftershave Balm

We’ll start off with this great aftershave option, which also happens to be super affordable. You can find it via most retailers for only around $14.

Aside from the comfortable price tag, we also appreciate the fact that this aftershave doesn’t contain any alcohol, which means you’ll never experience the sting or burn of some other products. Plus, it’s calm and moisturizing all around and will leave your skin feeling soft and soothed, even if you shave every day.

Best Aftershave #9: Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

[amazon box=”B000BK1U5S” /]

Another affordable aftershave, one that’s perfect for sensitive skin, is this offering from Jack Black.

It contains both aloe and chamomile to help ease even the worst skin irritation. Plus, it has tons of botanicals that soothe the skin while killing bacteria too. You’ll find lavender and more in this great and great-smelling product.

Best Aftershave #8: Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

[amazon box=”B001FB5IGE” /]

Nivea is one of the most well-known brands, for both men and women, when it comes to shaving and skincare-related products. It’s no surprise then that one of its products would make its way onto our top ten list.

This particular aftershave was chosen because it’s so good at soothing sensitive skin and keeping skin problems from coming back in the future. It works well no matter what your issues are since it can heal razor burn, ingrown hairs, itchy skin, and dryness. No matter what your skin sensitivity is, this product should work well for you.

Best Aftershave #7: Proraso Aftershave Balm

[amazon box=”B009VZNV3I” /]

Proraso is a pretty awesome brand. However, it’s not one that most of the general public is familiar with. Instead, it tends to be favored by professionals, which really says something about its quality.

This aftershave is made with the highest quality ingredients and is perfect for anyone, but especially those with dry skin. There are also a lot of bad ingredients that, thankfully, are left out of this balm. You won’t find any alcohol, silicon, paraben, mineral oil, or artificial colors in this balm.

In fact, this aftershave is completely natural and comes in three different varieties.  You can opt for the blue with aloe vera and licorice extract; the white with oatmeal, thyme, and green tea; or the green, with lots of mint and a great smell.

Best Aftershave #6: Tend Skin Solution

[amazon box=”B001ECQ7G4″ /]

Another acetylsalicylic  is this great offering from Tend. Tend, like Proraso, is not a super well-known brand, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be popular to be amazing.

While anyone can use this aftershave, it’s particularly effective for those who are prone to razor burn, bumps, and other skin problems. It not only soothes the skin but can help keep these issues from coming back too.

It is very calming thanks to the acetylsalicylic acid it contains. Plus, it’s great at exfoliating, which gets rid of dead, dry skin and leaves the face looking and feeling soft and refreshed. As an added bonus, the built-in exfoliation that this aftershave provides can actually help you to look younger when used regularly.

Best Aftershave #5: Lather and Wood Shaving Co. Aftershave Balm

[amazon box=”B01FZP4SES” /]

We’re the first to admit that this aftershave is one of the more expensive on our list. However, we think it’s well worth the slightly elevated price tag.

We love the smell of this aftershave, which is definitely sandalwood. The smell is on the strong side, though, so if you’re not a fan of the scent or don’t like your aftershave to leave behind much of a smell, this probably won’t be the product for you.

However, this aftershave wins out for its cooling properties, for how long it lasts, and for the fact that it’s made with all natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin when you put on this balm

Best Aftershave #4: L’oréal Men Expert Aftershave Balm

[amazon box=”B00C93O4N0″ /]

If you’ve been looking for a super affordable aftershave balm that you can find just about anywhere, this offering from L’oréal is right up your alley. Sure, it’s not a “high end” product, but it works well and gets the job done. And, really, what more could you ask for?

We love that this balm, though affordable, has some truly great ingredients. The Vitamin E, for example, is really good for refreshing the skin and helping it to look its best. Plus, this balm even comes with SPF built right in. As a result, it will protect your skin from the sun and from its harmful effects, like skin cancer and premature aging. You definitely can’t beat that!

Best Aftershave #3: The Art of Shaving Aftershave Balm

[amazon box=”B000FGVJWW” /]

Do you have dry skin? If so, then this shaving balm is strongly recommended for you. It works with other skin types too, but it’s particularly good for sensitive skin.

A big part of the reason it works so well with sensitive skin is that it contains shea butter, which feels great going on and is incredibly soothing.

There are also essential oils in the balm and not a trace of alcohol to be found, leading to a product that’s just about perfect.

Do bear in mind, however, that some people don’t take well to essential oils. If that’s you, then you may want to steer clear of this option or at least try it sparingly at first until you know how it will affect you.

Best Aftershave #2: Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

[amazon box=”B0006B4VVW” /]

Another of the best aftershave balm options that we recommend is from Baxter of California. That’s not a super well-known brand, but it probably will be before long, at least if it keeps making products of this caliber.

You’ll feel so relieved and refreshed when you splash on this aftershave, which features tea tree oil and aloe vera. It also contains glycerin, which is really good for keeping the skin moisturized and preventing damage.

In fact, the only reason this aftershave didn’t win our number one spot is that we did find it to be a little overpriced.

Best Aftershave #1: L’Occitane Cade Aftershave Balm for Men

[amazon box=”B001G60EGW” /]

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for- our top pick for the best aftershave balm for men. We just had to go with this great offering from L’Occitane.

Yes, it’s one of the more expensive picks on our list, but, unlike some of the others, we honestly believe it’s worth every penny.

Not only does it work as an aftershave, but it also cleans the skin, exfoliates it, and leaves it feeling great.

Plus, it smells amazing thanks to its patented blend of rosemary, juniper, and sandalwood. The smell is subtle and light, but just enough to leave an impression.

We also appreciate the fact that this aftershave contains birchwood sap, which can really help with easing irritation.

Best Aftershave – Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B07D2Y7TX2, B000BK1U5S, B001FB5IGE, B009VZNV3I, B001ECQ7G4, B01FZP4SES,B00C93O4N0, B000FGVJWW, B0006B4VVW, B001G60EGW ” template=”table”]

Buyer’s Guide

best aftershave

As you can see, there are a lot of different aftershave options to choose from. We hope you’ll fall in love with one of the offerings on our list. But, if not, that’ s okay. As long as you know what to look for, you should be able to find a great aftershave to match your needs.

One of the first steps is to know what type of skin you have. Someone who has dry and/or sensitive skin is going to have different needs from someone who has oily skin or combination skin. Once you know your skin type, it is a lot easier to select products that are specifically designed for you and your needs.

In addition to knowing your skin type, you should also be aware if you have any sensitivities to ingredients. You can often find this out through allergy testing. If you don’t want to go to that expense, however, you can do a little trial and error with different products. Take note of which ingredients don’t do well with your skin.

That way, you can purposefully avoid products that contain that ingredient. And that brings us to our next point. You should always make an effort to read the different ingredients in a product before you buy it.

Ideally, you should buy products with all natural ingredients or at least mostly natural ingredients. These are always going to be better for your skin and are less likely to dry it out or to cause other problems.

You also have to think about how you shave. Some aftershave products are designed specifically for people who dry shave, while others are made for people who wet shave. Know what your preference is and make sure a product works for it.

Another thing to consider is the smell. While all aftershave is designed to smell good, not everyone has the same opinions about what smells good. So, if you’re shopping online, educate yourself on what scents you like and dislike to avoid buying something you’ll hate. If you shop in person, always do the “smell test” to see what you think.

Even if you like a particular smell, some aftershaves can be a little on the overpowering side. Thus, be careful about getting products that leave a too strong scent for you.

Also, as silly as it may seem, if you have a partner, you might want to consider what smells that person likes. After all, a partner is going to be smelling you pretty often and pretty up close and personal, so you definitely don’t want to end up buying something that is going to offend the other person’s nose.

As a final note, make sure you think about any “extras” you want in your aftershave. You may want one that also doubles as a moisturizer, one with sun protection built right in, or one that exfoliates. Maybe you even want a product that does all of these things. As long as you know what you want before you start shopping, you should have no problem getting it.

Start Shopping Today  

Now that you have a good idea of some of the better brands on the market and of how to choose an awesome aftershave product, your next step is to start shopping.

We recommend shopping in person if you can. Even if you choose to buy online to save money, you can still check out different brands and smells in person and then buy online after the fact.

No matter how you go about the process, you now have all the knowledge you need to find the perfect aftershave.

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